Help save our fountain

To the editor:


My name is Salvy Migliaccio. My wife Anne and I own Salvy the Florist and Steve’s Greenhouses on the corner of Broadway and Jenness Street.

On the afternoon of April 28, we were surprised to receive a certified letter from the City of Lynn telling us of its plans to take a large part of our corner property by “temporary eminent domain.”

The letter explained that this will be done to add traffic signals, bike lanes, and bus stops, as well as widen the street so cars and trucks can go faster. This project will remove our business’ on-street parking and force us to remove our landmark fountain and pave the corner over to make it a parking lot.

It has been with great pride and respect for our city and our neighborhood that we have built and cared for our beautiful corner for over 40 years. We do our best to maintain it as a reflection of our appreciation for the support our community has given us over these many years.

The administration’s plans for our corner and the inevitable destruction of it can only happen if the Lynn City Council votes for it.

Let your voice be heard and help us save the fountain for future generations to enjoy.



Salvy Migliaccio


(Salvy Migliaccio is a former president of the Lynn City Council.)

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