Kowloon to close for private event Saturday — for the first time ever

SAUGUS — If your ideal Saturday night involves tucking into some Saugus wings and downing one too many tiki drinks at Kowloon, you’re out of luck — for one weekend.

The iconic restaurant is set to shut its doors to the public for a private event Saturday — Kayla and Jon’s Wedding — the first time it has done so in its more than seven decades of operation. And so, prospective diners will be limited to takeout on Saturday until 6 p.m., left only to wonder about what a Kowloon wedding might entail, complete with its boat, fountains, and massive capacity of roughly 1,200 seats.

Notice of the brief closure first surfaced on the restaurant’s Facebook page on Aug. 12, generating quite a few comments, with most wishing the happy couple well, and others lamenting the fact that they were unable to score an invite.

“Golly! The whole place?! These people fixing to invite everyone they ever met?” Facebook user Brian Hubis wrote.

“How do we get on Kayla & Jon’s invite list??? I’m assuming there will be security for non-invites?? Way to go Kayla & Jon!!! Is there a back story to your love story with Kowloon? Enquiring minds want to know!! Best of wishes to Kayla & Jon!!!” added Michelle Tentido.

The restaurant will be open to the public again on Sunday, with pu pu platters, mai tais, and good times surely aplenty.

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