Fall prevention tips offered at Pondview

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LYNN – Many seniors 65 and over face serious complications from falls.”Preventive” and “awareness” were the words spoken in a presentation on “Fall Prevention Tips and Improving Balance with Tai Chi” by Private Home Health Care, owned by Mary Demakes, registered nurse, and Bonnie Akerson, director of marketing, along with Doctors Express’ business development manager Jennifer Finkenaur; and Kuan Chung Chen of Tai Chi Acupuncture & Wellness.The interactive presentation took place at Pondview Lodge Lynn Adult Day Health Center last week. The attendees learned fall prevention tips in the home and hospital, the value of urgent care, how to get up from a fall, and Tai Chi movements for improved strength and balance. The attentive audience asked questions of Demakes, and attendees took part in the Tai Chi demonstrations by Chen.”Fall prevention is an important topic because although seniors fall more often, individuals of all ages fall,” said Demakes.”The statistics are an eye-opener, with over 30 percent of seniors 65 and over falling at least once per year, and of this group 50 percent will obtain hip fractures or other injuries that result in 56 percent of these fallers facing complications leading to death,” said Akerson.Said Chen, “Tai Chi helps with fall prevention because it focuses on weight shifting, postural alignment, coordination movements and deep breathing, among other things.The more than 25 years of experience that the individuals bring to this interactive presentation shows in the audience’s responsiveness and high attendance levels.”We have received excellent feedback on the interest in these topics from attendees and have plans to continue offering it at the Council of Aging Centers, JCCs, YMCAs and senior centers throughout the North Shore, Metro West and Greater Boston areas,” said Akerson. “We are also offering fall prevention home assessments, and through our partnership with ?Be Safer At Home’ we are installing a leading home and travel safety alert device in our client’s homes.”For more information please contact or call 781-639-8696.

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