Tiny house powered by Dunkin’ has chosen East Point to call home

This article was published 4 year(s) and 11 month(s) ago.

(Owen O'Rourke)


NAHANT — A tiny house that runs on Dunkin’ has declared East Point its temporary home.

The 275-square-foot home is powered by biofuel created using 65,000 pounds of recycled Dunkin’ Donuts coffee grounds that would have otherwise gone to a landfill, said Kent Breard of Hill Holiday, a Boston-based advertising company.

“What we would like to do is show everyone what we can do by having the home run on Dunkin’,” said Breard, who said a production company called Element that filmed Tuesday and Wednesday also wanted to show off the town.

“East Point is a beautiful location,” he said. “It’s like a postcard up there and there’s nothing else around it.”

The home is intended to highlight the efficiency of a small living space. It has all the amenities of a normal-size home, including a full kitchen with a farmhouse sink and all appliances, a coffee nook, a full bathroom with a jacuzzi tub and washer and dryer, a living room with space for two, a king-size bed, and a deck.

“It’s an environmentally-friendly structure,” said Town Administrator Tony Barletta. “It runs on Dunkin’ — it is actually energized by coffee grounds. It goes hand-in-hand with this green movement.”

The home arrived on Oct. 8 at Lodge Park. Once filming for Hill Holiday and Element is completed, the home will be moved to Bailey’s Hill and rented out through Airbnb in two-day increments until Nov. 15.

It is 33 feet long, a little over 13.5 feet tall, and about 8.5 feet wide without the deck. It’s big enough to fit one or two guests at a time and will be cleaned between renting periods. It uses a compost toilet that will be emptied periodically throughout the month.

Pamphlets inside the home will promote different things the town has to offer — the golf course, historical society, and possibly a fisherman who is willing to give visitors a tour.

The town received a location fee of $15,000, according to Barletta.

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