Letter to the editor: Carrolee Moore’s column on homelessness hit home

This article was published 4 year(s) and 10 month(s) ago.

I wanted to let you know how very much I enjoyed reading the outstanding article written by Ms. Carrolee Moore (Item, Nov. 28).

What an unbelievable column highlighting the incredible work she does to offer aid to the homeless. What a wonderful human being!

I sincerely hope the the Item will enlist her as a columnist weekly. I would like to know more about her work.

I reside in Lynn, but am originally from Detroit. Growing up in the “D” was a great experience. My dad was one of 13 siblings and his dad (my grandfather) owned an apartment building on the west side of Detroit, which was predominately black.

I learned early on from my dad what it is like to give to those who have next to nothing. My dad paid the rent for many of those who lived in my grandfather’s apartment buildings, simply because they could not find work and were extremely poor. He also would pay for their doctor and hospital bills as well.

Those “life lessons” are still with me today. That is why Ms. Moore’s column hit home with me.


Linda Peters


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