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Lynnfield Planning Board assistant retires after four years

This article was published 1 year(s) and 8 month(s) ago.

Lynnfield Planning Board assistant Susan Lambe, right, receives praise from her boss, Emilie Cademartori, on her last day. (Anne Marie Tobin)

LYNNFIELD — After serving as the assistant to the Planning Board for four years, Susan Lambe is retiring.

Her final meeting with the Planning Board took place on Dec. 15. She was honored by board members for all of the work she has done as the planning assistant, including staffing, hiring, reviewing project applications and organizing backlogs.

Planning Board Chair Brian R. Charville said he remembers Lambe’s first day as the planning assistant, and one of her first tasks was eliminating a years-long backlog of cases and business. Charville credited Lambe with easing the backlog, allowing the board to create subdivisions.

“It was a lot to take on that day,” Charville said. 

Additionally, Charville praised Lambe for updating the board’s website, which made it more accessible for the public.

“Our website is in great shape and she’s a big part of that,” Charville said. “We have a one-stop-shop where you can go see all of the documents that go to this board, and that is because of Sue managing it.”

Lambe, a Lynnfield resident, was hired as the planning assistant in 2017. This position was one of two part-time jobs she held. She worked with Emilie Cademartori, the town’s director of planning and conservation. Cademartori said that she is proud to have Lambe working with her, and said she will be missed by the board members and the rest of the staff.

“Her husband retired and I think this is just the next step for her,” said Cademartori. “She did a fantastic job.”

Cademartori also praised Lambe for her extensive knowledge of Lynnfield, which she said helped her understand the town as someone new to the area.

“She precedes my being in the town,” Cademartori said. “I get inside information and knowledge of every street, past practices and past projects. It has been so invaluable to me.”

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