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Lynn Police, firefighters save man threatening to jump off MBTA garage

This article was published 1 year(s) and 8 month(s) ago.

A man was rescued from the top of the MBTA parking garage in Lynn Thursday afternoon. (Spenser Hasak)

LYNN — A Lynn man was attempting to jump off of the roof of the MBTA garage on Thursday afternoon, but was taken down safely by police officers and firefighters. 

A police officer was driving around the area, looking for a suspect who had punched a bus driver in the face — who was arrested shortly after — when he looked up and noticed a man standing on the ledge of the roof of the MBTA garage. 

When officers went up to the roof, they saw a 34-year-old man standing on the ledge saying he was going to jump.

As police officers were talking to the man and trying to get him down, a Lynn ladder truck pulled up to the street between the MBTA garage and the VNA building.

Firefighters put the ladder up to the ledge where the man was standing and climbed up. 

As the man was talking to and facing the police officers — who were standing on the roof of the garage — the firefighters climbed the ladder until they were behind the man. 

The firefighters had the man from behind while the officers were in front, working together to get him down from the ledge safely. 

The police department’s behavioral-health unit also showed up to assist. 

The man, who has mental-health issues and has threatened to jump off of the roof of the MBTA garage several times in the past, was taken to Salem Hospital. 

“The officers and fire personnel did an extraordinary job saving this man,” Lynn Police Lt. Glenn Dunnigan said. 

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