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Saugus Planning Board talks developments

This article was published 1 year(s) and 2 month(s) ago.

The Planning Board meeting to discuss new developments was led by the chair of the board, Dorothy C. Poppe.

SAUGUS — The Planning Board on Thursday discussed changes to a 245-unit multifamily development building project at 860 Broadway St. 

The meeting was led by the chair of the board, Dorothy C. Poppe, who was accompanied by board members John O’Brien, Jeanette E. Meredith, and Richard Thompson, Consulting Engineer Todd Baldwin, and Clerk Nancy Stead. 

They voted on a motion that the proposals made in the meeting were considered “major,” meaning the process must be turned into town departments for further discussion and review. 

In addition to further review, the process will require a public hearing.

Some of the modifications to the plans include curb lines, a dumpster enclosure area to a trash and pet spot, a building shift 20 inches toward Route 1, and added storm water management to the swimming pool.

O’Brien said that the noise from the construction site needs to be reprimanded so that citizens may enjoy “pool time” in peace. 

“It is detrimental to people’s health having to listen to that hammer all week,” he said. 

The second public hearing, which was scheduled for 7:30 p.m. on the agenda, included a request for continuance after the board closed the public hearing at the previous meeting about the site plan review permit for 180 Central St. 

The board voted “all in favor” for a motion to reopen a previous denial of a site plan review application with a public hearing of an existing application on the site. 

The next meeting will be held on Aug. 4 at 7:00 p.m. 

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