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Nahant library gets $15,000 grant for HVAC system review

Nahant Public Library and the town received a grant for $15,000. (Libby O'Neill)

NAHANT — The town has just received a $15,000 Massachusetts Energy Technical Assistance grant to conduct a study on the Public Library’s HVAC system. The grant comes from the Department of Energy Resources.

“As part of our carbon emission reductions long-term planning process is to look at these potential opportunities in all of our town buildings, but specifically for the library,” Town Administrator Tony Barletta said.

According to a press release from the town, the study will be the first step for the library to utilize renewable energy resources.

Barletta said that currently, the library has an old furnace that does not allow for proper climate control in the building.

“They have some historic documents and records, it’s really important that those archive spaces are properly controlled,” Barletta said. “The library’s due for an upgrade, so exploring the potential for electrification and reducing carbon emissions, it’s the right time to do so.”

Library Board of Trustees Chair Chris Stevens said that this grant is “very exciting.”

“The library’s HVAC system has been in long need of an overhaul and the idea that we could do it in a responsible, sustainable manner with green technology would be such a win for the Nahant Public Library and for the town,” Stevens said.

The hope is to have the study completed over the summer, Barletta said.

“Whatever recommendations are presented out of it, if it seems like the best option for the town then we would apply for another … grant in the fall to move to the next step,” Barletta said.

He thanked the Healey-Driscoll administration for the grant program, which in turn supports Nahant.

“It’s extremely beneficial to have the ability to use those funds to move forward on our energy reduction and carbon emission reduction goals,” Barletta said.

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