This or that? Billy Devin

(Billy Devin)

Billy is Lynn Classical’s athletic director.

Offense or defense? “Offense all the way, baby. I can’t wait for the Brian Vaughan Jr. and John Nasky airshow this fall.”

Score or assist? Assist because “it signifies being an unselfish player. I loved watching Adam Oates, Rajon Rondo, and John Stockton.”

Home or road win? “There’s nothing better than the bus ride home after an upset win.”

Game-winner or late defensive stop? Game-winner. “C’mon.”

On a coach, suit or sweatshirt? “Rick Pitino. Need I say more?”

Lifting or cardio? Cardio. “I enjoyed walking many miles this summer with my beautiful wife Lynne at the Lynn/Nahant beach.”

Burpees or suicides? “Neither.”

After scoring, celebrate or no? “Absolutely. Give me a big celly.”

Before a game, big meal or quick protein bar? “Definitely something light.”

Humble or trash talk? “Larry Bird and Charles Barkley were the biggest trash talkers in the NBA, but they could back it up. Can you do both?”

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