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50 Club celebrates 60 years

DiFillipo's Brickyard Bar & Grill, originally called 50 Club, celebrated 60 years of business on Friday. (James Bartlett)

LYNN — One of the city’s longest-running establishments celebrated a milestone Friday.

DiFillipo’s Brickyard Bar & Grill, which was formerly known as 50 Club, held a celebration to commemorate the restaurant’s 60th anniversary.

Co-owner Rocky DiFillipo is the manager of the business, which has been owned by his family for more than 60 years, starting with his father Armand DiFillipo. It is currently owned by DiFillipo and his siblings.

“When my father bought it, it was a club that was run by some members of the Lynn Gas Company,” DiFillipo said. “The city was mapped out into districts for the gas company. This was the district the club was in, so it was called ‘The District 50 Club.’”

The club had originally been on the corner of Blossom Street and Alley Street but was relocated to its current location on Blossom Street during urban renewal efforts, according to DiFillipo, opening at its current location just after the Blizzard of ‘78.

According to DiFillipo, 50 Club had sponsored many softball and bowling teams over the years and had been a private club when it was owned by his father.

50 Club was later renamed DiFillipo’s Bar & Grill in the ’90s to make it more inviting for patrons.

“A lot of people thought it was a private club still,” DiFillipo said.

He noted that the restaurant had been able to survive through the decades because of its small size and dedicated customers, which allowed the restaurant to persevere through many ups and downs, including the pandemic.

He said he was excited to see many of his regular customers from over the years, but noted that many of those he had grown to know over the decades have now passed away.

“A lot of them are going now,” DiFillipo said. “In 60 years, you lose a lot of friends. Customers are friends, too.”

Kelly Muise is one of the bartenders at Brickyard and was working alongside her sister Kathy Alukonis during the celebration, which drew a crowd out onto the bar’s patio area.

“I really love the customers,” Muise, who has been a bartender at Brickyard for 30 years, said. “We just have such devoted and dedicated customers.”

Deb Leary and her husband Kenny, both from Revere, are regular customers on Friday nights and said they can usually be found on the front patio with a bucket of beer.

“We come here because of Rocky, we love Rocky,” Deb said.

She added that she and her husband have been going to the bar for around 15 years. Deb and Kenny both said that one of the most important things about the bar is its welcoming atmosphere.

“Even if you’re not a regular, people talk to you,” Deb said. “You feel comfortable when you come here.”

Marianne Myette, of Lynn, is also a regular customer and has been going to the bar for 20 years. She cited DiFillipo’s easygoing personality and the friendly faces at the bar as reasons she keeps coming back.

“I’ve always had a good time here,” Myette said.

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