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Film on drummer Sib Hashian’s life premieres this weekend

Guitarist Sammy Hagar is part of the film “BackBeat from Above: The Legacy of Sib Hashian" and will be sharing his experiences of working with Hashian. (John Ippolito)

LYNN — A film on drummer Sib Hashian of the rock band Boston titled “BackBeat from Above: The Legacy of Sib Hashian” will premiere at the Regent Theatre in Arlington on Sunday, Sept. 24, at 7 p.m.

Directed by John Ippolito, the movie is about the life, legacy, and family of Hashian. Ippolito consulted Suzanne Hashian, the drummer’s wife, throughout the making of the movie. It is being produced by Sarah Hale Folger.

Ippolito said that Hashian’s friends and family, as well as the musicians he worked with, are part of the film and share an intimate portrait of his life. The film features Doug Flutie, Sammy Hagar, Barry Goudreau, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, the Hashian family, Charlie Farren, Ernie Boch, Michael “Tunes” Antunes, and many others.

Hashian was born and brought up in Lynn. He studied at Lynn English High School and volunteered at My Brother’s Table soup kitchen. He then moved to Lynnfield, where he lived for 38 years and raised his children.

Suzanne Hashian started a scholarship fund in memory of her late husband that gives out $10,000 annually to Lynn students pursuing arts and music.

“It’s really wonderful because what started in his high school is now coming full circle,” she said. “We can now help a student who wants to be a musician or actor.”

She will accept an award on behalf of her husband, who was also a Vietnam War veteran, at the New England Music Hall of Fame induction ceremony on the day of the premiere.

“He was just very much a people person,” she said. “ He believed in giving back to the people that needed it the most. He grew up on the hard side of things. He had to go to work when he was 8 years old to deliver papers.”

She added that this movie has been Ippolito’s passion project for a long time. According to her, the entire family is looking forward to the screening and is proud of the film.

Ippolito said that while the movie talks about Hashian’s work and legacy, it focuses primarily on who he was as a person.

“The band is a big part of his life,” Ippolito said. “But it’s certainly not the biggest. It’s his family and patriotism. He is the only rock and roll drummer to be in the Vietnam War. It’s just amazing what this guy did, and all very humbly.”

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